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17 Unbelievably Luxurious Ocean Liners


Can you imagine what it’s like when you wake up in a five star hotel, have breakfast in a luxury restaurant, than visit an amusement park or a beach with your family? At noon, when you get hungry, you go to a restaurant again, and in the afternoon you go to an amusement part again, or to the cinema, and in the evening you could go to the theatre… Usually these free-time activities can be found in several towns or a whole city. However, now we will introduce you liners, where you can find all these facilities, and even more! Let’s see them!

#17 Explorer of the Seas

Explorer of the Seas

Length: 311 meters

Maximal number of passengers: 3,840

The MS Explorer of the Seas is 311 meters long and more than 3840 passengers can travel on it at the same time. On the deck we can even find an oceanographic and atmospheric laboratory that is operated by the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science that belongs to the University of Miami. Once this liner saved the life of 3 people, who had been out in the ocean for 11 days in february 2009, after the navigation system and the energy system of their 12 meters long sailer failed.

#16  Voyager of the Seas

Voyager of the Seas

Length: 311 meters

Maximal number of passengers: 3840

The MS Voyager of the Seas is the Explorer’s twin. On this liner we can find the famous Royal Promenade that is a marble floored street stretching just over 3/4 the length of the ship. Along this street there are mainly shops and restaurants, but there also is a wedding chapel, a library and a night club.




  • It would be nice if you would hire a proof reader familiar with English grammar. It is embarrassing to read an article that is so poorly written with so many grammatical errors.

  • They’re cruise ships, not ocean liners (except for the QM2) and since when did big = luxury? The idea of living on a boat with 4000+ other people just does my head in…

    • I agree. I dont want to travel with 6000 others on a monster ship. I prefer something like Celebritys Mercury.

  • I think its a nice ship I like wat I see.but how could I applied for a job on that ship thats my main interest,I have being working in the water world for I think this could be a good aportunity for me,if my comment is successful let me know thank you

  • Done it once, never again. Not my idea of luxury crammed on a boat with 3,000 other people with free and easy access to absolutely nothing… pay & queue for everything. Butlins on water

  • Not now, not ever, never. The are simply appartment blocks laid on their side with every known device to seperate the passenger from their money.

  • There are millions of people just like me. We can look, dream, sigh and say I wish it could be me on that Cruise Liner. But wake up, people like me cannot afford it only the Rich, rich rich that have money and not forgetting the Sheik’s and Royal Gentry etc. They would never give to a poorer person than themselves.

  • my wife and i are totally challenged. i am in a wheelchair but i swim for my daily exercise. i was told that Princess Cruises had the facilities i needed to do my workout. we paid our $3000+ for the trip to Alaska for 10 days, they gladly took the fare. then when i got on board, they slyly said i would need an appointment of 1 1/2 hours to get me to the pool. we didn’t think that was correct. then i went to the stationary bicycle and was told i could only ride it for 20 minutes and i had to wait in line for 30 minutes for it. it turned out that i did NOT exercise for 10 days. it took over 6 months to recover from this journey… and i am still not the same disabled man i once was. we have taken our last cruise of a lifetime…. for our next life. i think that Heaven will have accommodations which will not leave a sour taste in our mouths.

    • i went in may 2017,and butlins on water is exactly how i described it,sheer utter waste of money..the staff were very plesant,it was the intercom in our room that i just having a nap and BING BONG this is your captain speaking……unfortunatley wasnt a way to turn it off….no a relaxing holiday at all…take my advice,please.DONT DO IT.

  • I had a chance to cruise to Haiti Jamaica and Cozumel from Fort Lauderdale. It was a one in life time experience. I loved it . The ship was allure of the seas. It is well maintained ship and very clean. Food was very good. Another very interesting thing in the cruise was to have as much as you can eat. Everything from chicken fish egg dishes to pork mutton etc etc. Even the veg dishes were plenty. Fruits were available in plenty. Desserts were of various types. The sea was very clean and blue. No sea sickness and no problem of any type. It was a memorable event. Seven days at sea and that tooo in a new ship. Wonderful.

  • MSC DIVINA, My once in my lifetime, beautiful ship, beautiful inside, beautiful destinations. Flew to Miami joined this perfect ship for a celebration of my 50th year from my amazing fiancé. Shame not everyone has the same sentiment. I absolutely loved it all. Thank you MSC DIVINA.

    • Did not enjoy our cruise on the Davina Msc Ship not nice not comfortable and Music to listen and Dance to very bad ..However the Food was excellent really good The Best better than 5 star hotel. Cruise disappointing

  • The MSC world class series of ships should not be listed as # 1 of 17 because (frankly) they are on the drawing board and don’t exist yet. BTW the Oasis of the Seas and her sister ship were built in Hamburg, Germany.

  • A magnificent ship and the crew are excellent. Helpful, polite and friendly. The library is good and the food is also good.

  • how electrical engineers like us would have access to work in this marvelous ship.i am from Sierra Leone west africa

  • Oh dear, it is easy to feel sorry for the poor souls who comment – “i will to work there please”
    but I no sympathy for for the pathetically obvious false reviews grandly singing the praises of the bountiful supplies of delicious ‘pork mutton’ as well as ‘no sea sickness and no problem of any type’
    (of course as a passenger you know this because…?)
    I think this reviewer may have got a touch of the sunstroke out on the ‘golf field’
    I am supposing that a reviewer who actually took one of these cruises was Susan who’s review is neatly summed up in her closing shot – “DON’T DO IT”
    I think they should employ that Lebanese family that was ejected from the P&O cruise recently for their extreme violence. They could provide the service – for a small fee, of punching guests unconscious to spare them the misery of the cruise itself.