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17 Unbelievably Luxurious Ocean Liners


#1 World Class (in year 2022)

World Class

The MSC Cruises announced that they will build a new division called the World Class. These ships will transport more passengers than ever before; their maximal capacity will be 6850 passengers. This is 70 passengers more than the record keeper, Harmony of the Seas -that belongs to the Royal Caribbean shipping company- can carry.The MSC Cruises ordered 2 giant ships from the STX France and keeps the option of ordering 2 more. These 200,000 gross register tons volume ships will be delivered between 2022 and 2026. The 330 meters long ships will have 2760 cabins.  The futuristic shape of the World Class ships gives the opportunity of making cabins with balconies that ensure wonderful panorama.


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