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Top 20 Most Beautiful and Interesting Castles

There are some, who knows exactly the bloody historical facts relating to the castles, but many others are visiting one and another building just for it’s beauty. In our selection we introduce most of the times fairytale castles, from which you can choose by your taste if you are planning a castle tour.

#20 Alarcon Castle, Spain

This middle age village can be found in the middle of Spain, one and a half hour driving distance from Madrid. The fortress surreanded by castlewall, the templs, the stone houses and the castle itself gives back truly the mood of middle ages. They started to build the castle in the VIII. century, and later they kept it renovating, so the relics of later times can be explored by tourists. The fortress built on a rocky wall surrounds the Jucar River and the watchtowers bring a spectacular view to the visitors. The castle tour is complete with the night spent in the hotel which can be found here.