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Top 20 Magical Winter Destinations That You Need To Visit


Escaping the stress of work and social bustle and finding yourself in a winter wonderland is a magical feeling. Although some people are most conversant with summer vacations and destinations, there are a number of winter destinations that you need to visit. We have taken the liberty to pen down some of the best winter locations in the world that are not so known by the lot. These locations have the capacity to keep you spellbound for the rest of your life! Endeavor to make any of these destinations your target in the coming summer vacation and you will be happy you did!

1. Tallinn, Estonia

Ever imagined actually experiencing the magic of the Disney movies in real life? In Tallinn, it’s where the curtains are raised to reveal everything you dreamed the winter to be. The stone city of Tallinn has every one of its medieval buildings and picturesque streets covered in a blanket of snow during the winter.

Although the old town is enchanting every other day, the Christmas winter pushes this quality up a notch. While taking in the sight, you can enjoy locally made soup and fresh hot serves of glogi. By now, the Tallinn Lake must have become iced and you can go ice-skating on it. Or you might just want to speed across the ice with a sled with full surveillance of the Huskies – and when you think you have gotten too cold, you can use the traditional sauna to warm up!

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