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Top 15 of the World’s Most Beautiful and Popular Pilgrimages


There are several reasons for going on pilgrimages. Some do it because of their religion, some are looking for a connection with the supernatural, and there are some people whose motivation is to see the wonderful sights. These people go to pilgrimages to see their beauty, they visit El Camino, Rome, Lourdes and Nepal. Pilgrimage is one of the oldest religious traditions. The destinations are mainly those places that have a spiritual importance of a given religion, where the main characters of a religion were born, at the headquarters of a religion or where a miracle of an enigma occurred. According to religions people, h these places we can get closer to God, we can experience his love and we can feel closer to him. However, pilgrimages are unforgettable not only for the religious ones. Nowadays, based on researches and observations, we found out, that a pilgrimage can be a very effective therapy course, since these adventures inspire us and help us break out of our everyday life and teach us autognosis.

#15 The Adriantic-Alps passage, Germany/Austria/Italy

The Adriantic-Alps passage

The hikers take a km long trip from the city hall in Munich to the St. Mark square in Venice. This trip is an afoot roller coaster  with continuous uphill and downhill roads. The highest peak of the tour is the Friesenberg that is 2.904 meters high. The tour is divided into 28 parts, and within the whole distance, the fall is around 40.000 meters that has to be fulfilled, that is around 1.425 m fall done per day.

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