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The World’s 15 Most Beautiful Hotel Swimmingpools

A luxurious pool is a typical feature of the luxury hotels, no wonder as they know that this is one of their greatest attractions. They are aware that tourists who want to have a special holiday will surely catch their eyes on a beautiful pool with majestic views. Delightful luxury and comfort come out of the pictures, there is a hotel where each room has its own pool. Not even mentioning the fabulous views.

#15 The pool of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


The Marina BaySands luxurious hotel’s infinity pool over Singapore, at an incredible altitude, is located on the 57th floor. The 152-meter swimming pool has an amazing view of Singapore. It is the largest pool in the world that is at this height. The edge of the pool looks as if it were about to crash down from the hotel. Not surprisingly, the hotel and its impressive pool are very popular among tourists coming to Singapore.