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The 17 Most Wanted Festivals In Europe

The average length of the best-known European festivals are four days. At the most places it is not possible to pay by cash: the visitors charge their money on specific plastic cards or change them to tokens. (According to the organizers it makes the shopping faster and helps to keep count the selling, they say that it is guaranteed that you will spend more, as it is harder to be updated how much money you have spent already.) If you would like to enjoy yourself, there are dozens of  festivals, whatever is the genre.

#1 Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, Great-Britain

Glastonbury Festival

When: every last weekend of June in each year (5 days)

Who would have known, when in 1970 Michael Eavis on his own farm started the Glastonbury festival – at that time called Pilton – the tickets were only one pound. Besides the ticket as an extra, they gave a glass of milk also. Well, the times are changing. The so called one pound festival ticket since then is 220 pounds and there is no free milk anymore. The visitors attending the Worthy Farm now in exchange for their money receive performers such as Lou Reed, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga or Joe Cocker. To mention a couple of names who appeared in the last years in Glastonbury. It is not a surprise that the tickets are sold out in an average 30 minutes.