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Hollywood Celebrities’ Favourite Vacation Spots


#16 Kendall Jenner —- Malibu, Los Angeles.


Malibu is a city west of Los Angeles, California. Romantic, luxurious and spectacularly beautiful, Malibu, California, is a unique beach town that so many rich and famous call home. Many celebs live in the areas surrounding Hollywood, and Malibu is the perfect place to go for a quick getaway in the midst of their busy schedules. With homes high up on the bluff overlooking miles of fine sand beaches and spectacular views of the Pacific, Malibu, CA, is known for its fantastic surfing waves, iconic fishing pier and great shopping at the Malibu Country Mart. From rocky beaches with natural arches to beaches that cater to families thanks to onsite amenities like bathrooms and showers plus a beach that is one of the best surfing spots in California, you won’t be without choices of where to plop down your beach towel while in Malibu. Therefore it’s no surprise that some of the top attractions of Malibu have to do with nature.


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