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Game of Thrones Series Filming Locations


The Game of Thrones TV series is one of the most massive productions in television history by HBO production with every season filming on-location in multiple countries simultaneously. Apart from pure archival/historical interest, this is meant to aid fans who may be seeking out the ‘’Game of Thrones’’ filming locations as tourist destinations. Most of the locations featured have benefited from increased tourism due to the publicity. Below is the list of places used and their descriptions.

Kingston: Dubrovnik, Croatia


The city of Dubrovnik is an old historic city in the south of Croatia which is situated on the eastern coast of Adriatic Sea. The city of Dubrovnik is one of the most famous and most attractive cities in the Mediterranean. Dubrovnik has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with 2600 hours of sunshine annually. In 1979 Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.Game of Thrones fans know it as the real-life King’s Landing (yes, this is where they shot Cersei’s walk of shame). Earlier this year, it also served as a film set for Robin Hood, Stars wars (The last Jedi) and Origins drawing, even more, attention to the city. In the city, you can enjoy the Mediterranean gastronomy. Visit some of the restaurants in the old part of the city and enjoy the taste of foods and wines.

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