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Chocolate Tourism: 15 of the World’s Sweetest Destinations for Chocolate Lovers

Most of the people travel for fun or to visit beaches and relax there, but there are some, who are motivated by their love for chocolate. How many of us could resist a sweet and creamy adventure? The chocolate tourism is getting more and more popular nowadays, and now we have gathered the sweetest destinations, chocolate capitals and the world’s most famous chocolate shops.

#15 England, Bournville- The home of Cadbury


In Bournville we can find one of the world’s best chocolate brand. This unique village gives home to the Cadury family’s delicious specialities, and offers all-day facilities full of chocolate and fun for the visitors. We get an own tour guide who shows us the Cadbury World, that is the biggest tourist attraction with its 14 sweet zones.Interactive performances, carnivals and video programs await the visitors, and if we would like to, we can make our own chocolate. Bournville is truly the paradise of chocolate lovers.