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25 Most Dangerous Cities in The World for Travelers


Traveling across national borders has become increasingly easier and more affordable as of late. It’s always nice to take a breather from the stresses of work and visit other countries. However, there are some places on the planet that are just not friendly towards visitors, no matter your intention. In this article, we’ll list for you the top 25 most dangerous and inhospitable towns and cities on Earth to visit.

1. Aleppo, Syria

This city was once the largest trade hub in Syria. It was home to ancient art, sports, and schools. However, due to its unfortunate location, it became the front line for the Civil Way in Syria that sparked in2011. Parts of the city remain under siege to this day. The entire country has been deemed a war zone and unsafe for travel.




  • Well. Certainly no argument on your choices of cities. Having visited about a third of them through the years it makes me sad to hear that they are no longer even habitable for their own population. Kabul used to be a fun city for traveling hippies in the 70’s. And I guess this helps. Explain why there are so many immigrants from Central America trying to come to the States. And also many of your picks are just plain war zones. Too bad. I was thinking the article might be about pick pockets in Florence or Barcelona. But no these are seriously dangerous places to go. Thanks

  • Hello, I agree with all choices of yours, except for ASWAN! I don’t know where do you get your info from, but the locals are mostly of “Nubians” who inhabit this part of upper Egypt, and they are considered among the sweetest, well mannered, and friendliest people you can ever meet! very hospitable magnanimous as well, but of course due to poverty, a tourist is bound to run into some crooks or exploits. Having personally been there for several times, I can confidently say that there was no phenomenon of repeated violence in general, at least for the last 20 yrs, except for few individual incidents, which is common in every city on this planet, and logically labels London, Paris, or Newyork as much more dangerous places!
    Furthermore, even during the political turmoil in Egypt back in 2011, Aswan was one of the safest cities of Egypt.
    I think ASWAN deserves to be excluded from that list. Regards,

    • We (six Americans) were in Aswan last week for 3 days. Never felt in danger in any way! The vendors in the bazaars can be aggressive but that is in ALL of Egypt!!!

    • Hi

      Why do you agree about Khartoum ? Have you or someone you know been to Khartoum and felt unsafe? I will be very surprised if this is the case , and by the way there is no war in Khartoum it self.
      I strongly agree with you about Aswan though .

  • I live in Colombia and spend months in Bogota. You can safely come here if you travel to the safer neighborhoods in the northern part of the city. Follow basic rules like walking briskly, looking like you know what you are doing. Better to not use let a cell phone be seen in public. Women, be careful of your purses. In fact, it is better to have one credit card and necessary money in your pocket, and leave your valuables locked in your suitcase or in a safe in the place where you are staying. Don’t take on the street with you anything not necessary. We get used to these rules, and they become second nature. Photocopy your passport or ID, and carry that with you. Leave the original in a safe place. Travel by plane is as safe as anywhere else. I don’t recommend that foreigners travel by bus. Taxis in the north end of town are usually safe. Note the number for greater security.

  • I think Mumbai, Delhi, and Dhaka should be placed at the top of this list. The compiler of this list is highly ill-informed as Islamabad is a very safe city and all fears of ‘terrorism’ are a figment of his or her imagination.

  • A question :
    Who do this trouble about these cities and these Nations?
    I can answer you :
    The answer is American government who they are severnets of more money and more benefits for them selves
    I have an other suggestion for you :
    Add the name of American cities to this list too where the students are not safe in their schools so what can you imagine about American streets

  • I have been to Rio and actually it is safer than so many places in the USA. On top that is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I think whoever writ this article probably never left the countryside of the USA.

  • Islamabad??? no not at all… it is the safest place of Pakistan… It is the Capital of Pakistan and consists majoirty of foreing embassies, offices, and govt institutions and residance of elite class.. Please review and remove it from list of most dangrous cities of world.

  • Medellin a dangerous city because Pablo Escobar has set up shop there? These information is very outdated. Pablo Escobar has been dead for 27 years and today Medellin is the Home of thousands of Americans and Europeans. Medellin is safer than many cities in the USA

  • How old is this article? Pablo Escobar has been dead for 26 years.

    “Pablo Escobar, the notorious drug lord who has managed to escape from the arms of the police numerous times, has set up base in the city.”

  • This is very biased and FAKE list. Islamabad is very much safe at all times because its capital. Situations in karachi are also safer than they used to be but i agree its not a place for tourism. On the other hand Almost every city of india is in protest and riots. India has much greater crime rates at all times in almost every city because of large population. I may sound patriotic but this list is absolutely WRONG.

  • I think we want real truth that can help us to save our lives but not just political & religious differences

  • Been to most cities. Except for the ones fallen into civil wars , these reviews are very exaggerated

  • You are an idiot Islamabad is one of the most safest city are u on drugs.
    Go have some research and then
    Write articles. most dangerous city is new York with high murder rate

  • What a ridiculous choice of cities , I have been to Aswan , Juba , Guatemala City and I’m originally from Khartoum . To include Aswan is just ridiculous and to describe Khartoum this way is absolutely unfair , and just look at the picture of choice from Khartoum !!! very dishonest and arrogant way to try to prove your point !!
    Aswan is a very safe city with violent crime extremely rare . Khartoum is one of safest cities in Africa , very low/ to non existing violence against tourists.
    Where did you get your information from ? I wonder if you have ever been abroad ? Apart from Western Europe ?
    At least do some research before writing such insulting rubbish , see what is the view of the foreigners who visited these cities , you can find plenty reviews on the web .
    I really think you should post a honest apology for this post .

  • Islamabad ? A dangerous city ?
    ‘Avoid this city during religious festivals’
    … ok that suggests straight away to me that this article is BS. Islamabad is about a million times safer than London !

  • Very hypocratic and unjustifiable to include capital city of Pakistan’s Islamabad and Karachi in dangerous destination for travellers.. INFACT these are very safe and affordable city for tourists.. CAN you give any example of misbehave, abduction or murderer of any foreign tourist?? VERY radiculous..