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20 Hotels in Striking Destinations You Must Visit


20. Nihiwatu, Sumba – Indonesia

Nihiwatu hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels you will find in one of the most memorable and notable destinations in the world.
As a matter of fact, it was voted the ‘world best private hotel in 2016.’ It is situated in the not-so-popular but highly natural and charming island of Sumba in the eastern part of Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

A fancy rooftop bar from this hotel offers visitors the view of all Shanghai’s skyscrapers.

Not only is this hotel known for being in the heart of a stunning landscape, but it also is adorned with luxurious rooms made in ancient Indonesian architecture. The Nihi sandy beachfront blends with the rice terraces and the tropical forest to give both the mind and eyes a treat.
Surfers can speak of the superwaves that are only obtainable on the Sumba Island. Plus, visitors have a number of fun activities to choose from – whether waterfall hikes, scuba diving, yoga, snorkeling, and even horseback riding.