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20 Hotels in Striking Destinations You Must Visit


What makes a vacation memorable? People often have conversations about traveling to new places and enjoying exotic meals. While that can be a great pleasure, some things that might just linger a little longer in your memory are the beauty and charm of the environment you spent the vacation – classy hotels and suites as well as the repute of the destination.

There are world class hotels all over the world that are a must visit; world-class room designs and décor, bars with some of the best drinks in the world, top engineering architecture and more. They also serve some unforgettable delicacies. These hotels might be located in China, Thailand, France, and various large cities in the world.

We have made a list of the 20 hotels in some of the most striking destinations you must visit to make your vacation memorable.
I know you’re eager to find out. Well, here we go.

1. St. Regis Bali Resort – Nusa Dua, Indonesia

Little wonder why this hotel is amongst the top 50 resorts worldwide and among-st the top 5 in the continent of Asia. This award-winning resort deserves every accolade it gets. It has a staggering 123 rooms with standard sizes of 9932 feet and it is planted on about 9 hectares of land! That isn’t all there is.

The St. Regis Resort has private villas in Nusa Dua through which you have authentic access to the untouched and charming white sand beach. 

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